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VPS Hosting Specifications

High Grade Hardware

Physical servers with multiple 2+ Ghz Intel Xeon processors, and connected to multi-gigabit networks.

Redundant Storage

Our fast SAS drives and an SSD caching layer store your data twice - across separate racks to ensure redundancy

Redundant Platform

In case of any hardware failure, our cloud platform will automatically restart your server on a different machine.

Enhanced Security

Apart from standard firewall, we include our DDoS IP Protection to boost your server’s security free of charge.

Massive Bandwidth

Our public cloud platform provides uptime of 99.999%, with an available bandwidth capacity of 5.5 Tbps.

Total Control

Our full-featured customer portal provides complete control over your virtual servers from any part of the world.

VPS Hosting Pricing Plans

vCPU1 Core2 Core4 Core8 Core16 Core
Disk (SSD)40 GB60 GB80 GB160 GB160 GB
Traffic4 TB6 TB8 TB10 TB10 TB
Price / MonthNRs 2, 000NRs 4, 000NRs 8, 000NRs 16, 000NRs 40, 000