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Cloud Hosting Features

Build apps faster

Intuitive administrative tools help to focus on building better software for your customer.

Data security

Capture backups and snapshots to store your server images.


Add additional storage and distribute and redirect network traffic


Our Cloud firewalls help to secure your infrastructure and define service visibility.


Know your infrastructure’s performance and receive alerts before critical issues arise.


We provide 365 days support along with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Cloud Hosting Pricing Plans

MemoryvCPUsSSD Disk SpaceBandwidthPrice /Month
1 GB1 vCPU25 GB1 TBNRs. 2,000
2 GB2 vCPU60 GB3 TBNRs. 4,000
4 GB2 vCPU80 GB4 TBNRs. 6,000
8 GB4 vCPU160 GB5 TBNRs. 10,000
16 GB6 vCPU320 GB6 TBNRs. 20,000
32 GB8 vCPU640 GB7 TBNRs. 40,000
64 GB16 vCPU1,280 GB9 TBNRs. 60,000