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Get your website started with a perfect domain name.

Domain Name

Whether you are a startup company or an established one, it is imperative that you have an easily recognizable presence in Internet. Not having such presence is most likely to lessen your credibility and provide prospective business to your competitors.  Just like you have to register your company at a government approved registrar before legally running your business, you have to register a Domain Name through a Domain Registrar to give you globally unique name that will help you create addresses recognized on the Internet for resources such as computers, networks and services. A domain name is an easy-to-remember combination of words separated by dots that defines the administrative realm of an organization within the Internet. For example: In the web address (also called URL) www.google.com, google.com is the domain name, used by Google LLC to help their target audience to reach to their search engine service.

To clarify further, mail.google.com is the URL that provides Google’s email service.

Maps.google.com is the URL that provides Google’s Map service.

Similarly, drive.google.com provides Google’s Cloud storage service.

In all the examples above, we can note that while the domain name “google.com” is constant, words like www, mail, maps and drive precede the domain name separated by dot to denote the host computer/computers providing the different services.

Your domain can determine your search engine rankings, your likelihood of being remembered by visitors, and your success as a brand in general.

What we Offer

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SNDomain TypePrice / YearPurpose
1.com, .netNRs. 1,500Globally recognized popular top level domains.
2 .orgNRs. 1,700Good for small to large organisations, NGOs, etc
3.tvNRs. 3,000Entertainment Media Houses
4.mobiNRs. 3,000Targeted for mobile users
5.com.np,.edu.np,.org.npFREE *Targeted for national level company, organisation, educational consultancy, etc

For more Top Level Domain (TLDs) types (e.g.  .info, .in, .xyz, etc), please contact us for cost details.

* Country Level (.NP) Domain registration and renewal is FREE, but costs NRs. 1500 as one time service charge.